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Written By
Jason Voice
Date Created
Wed, 17th Mar 2010
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Jason Voice
Date Modified
Wed, 21st Sep 2011

   Registering your PURE radio


How do I register my new PURE radio?


There are two different registration processes - depending on what type of PURE radio you have.

For PURE DAB radios:

Register your product online at

Include an e-mail address and we'll keep you up to date with any software upgrades and the latest product information, as well as enter you for our monthly prize draw to win more PURE products.

For PURE Internet (Flow) radios:

You register your product by creating a Lounge account at and connecting your product to your account. Pairing your product to your Lounge account completes the registration of the radio.

  • Log-in to your Lounge account.
  • Click the ‘Add Device’ button in the left hand pane on the Lounge website.
  • You'll be presented with a 6 character code of letters. This is your unique code that will allow you to pair any PURE Flow device with your Lounge account.
  • Enter this code once into each device you own and your device(s) will appear in the left hand menu on the Lounge. (Please note that your code will expire after a week. If you want to add another device at a later date you can get a new code from us at any time.)

If you have received instructions for registering your Flow product at then please ignore that request. Register by connecting your product to your Lounge account.

Step by Step instructions for creating a Lounge account and adding your radio to it can be found here:

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