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Can't find your favourite DAB station?

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Can't find your favourite DAB station?

If there's a station you think you should receive on your DAB radio that isn’t appearing in your station list, then try the following:

Start by checking your DAB coverage using our postcode checker to find out exactly what stations you should be able to pick up on the DAB frequency. If you see any stations in the postcode checker list that aren't appearing on your radio, then make sure your aerial is fully extended and/or vertical and perform an 'Autotune' as described in your instruction manual. You should now see those missing stations.

If the station you’re looking for doesn’t appear in the postcode checker list then the station is not likely to be available in your area and you will not be able receive it on your radio.

If there are stations listed as available in your area but aren’t being picked up by your radio, there are additional steps you can take:

  • DAB requires aerials to be polarized vertically, so check to ensure the aerial is extended as vertically as possible, albeit a wire or telescopic type of aerial.
  • Do what you would do if you had a conventional analogue radio that was suffering poor reception, i.e get the radio as close to a window as possible, this avoids the possibility that the surrounding environment isn’t going to impede the DAB broadcast strength.
  • The radio will also benefit from height, the higher the radio is positioned in the house- the more likely it will pick up the required signal.