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Creating a web account with the online portal - Knowledgebase / Internet radios / Elan IR3 and IR5 - PURE SUPPORT

Creating a web account with the online portal

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Having an online portal account set up lets you ‘pair up’ your Pure internet radio to the portal. After pairing your Pure product to your account, you will be able to organise your favourite lists.

Before creating your account, you will need to connect your radio to your network and get the registration code from the radio. To do this select Menu > Station list > Help > Get access code

Tip – Write your code down - this will be required in the next step to pair your account and product.

Note :  Should the screen timeout on your radio, going back to get the access code again will generate a new code for you to enter.  

Now create your account,
1.    Go to
2.    Select Register here
3.    Enter your access code, your email address, create a password and then your Wi-Fi radio model. Now click Register.