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Creating a Flow account and connecting your radio to the internet - Knowledgebase / Internet radios / Evoke F3 with Bluetooth - PURE SUPPORT

Creating a Flow account and connecting your radio to the internet

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Creating a Flow account is optional and is not required to use your internet radio.

Having a Flow account lets you ‘pair up’ your Pure internet radio to the Flow account. After pairing your Pure product to your Flow account, anything you set up on, like your favourite podcasts or internet stations, will be automatically reflected on your radio and the Pure Select App

There are a few things you need to have in place before registering and connecting your Pure internet radio:

1.    A wireless internet router (minimum download speed 1.0 MB).
2.    The name of your wireless network.
3.    Your personal wireless network security key – otherwise known as a WEP or WPA key.
4.    A valid personal email account to allow you to join the Pure Flowlive website

To create an account:

1.    Open your internet browser and go to and click on the Create account button.
2.    Follow the instructions for creating a Flow account.

Once you have your account details, login to you newly created Flow account and you're ready to connect your radio.

Connecting your radio

You now need to 'pair' your Pure internet radio with your Flow account, but before you can do this you need to connect the radio to the internet via your own wireless network.

Start this process by plugging the radio in and switching it on.

When the radio has finished booting up, start the set up wizard, select the time zone, location and any language settings, if applicable to your radio.

After going through the set up process you should see the name (SSID) of your network. Highlight and select your wireless network. (If you don’t please select the internet radio source)

You’ll now be prompted to enter your network key or password (WEP/WPA key).

Now scroll to OK and push the tune dial in to select.

After entering the key you may see brief messages like “Please wait connecting” After a few minutes you radio should now be connected.

Registering your radio

You now need your registration code; you get this from the radio. On your radio select MenuStation listHelpGet access code

Now log into the Flow account that you created earlier.

In the top left of the screen you will see your email address and a drop down icon. Click this and then select Devices, now enter your device code.

Your radio will appear under ‘Registered devices’.