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Frequently asked questions about the Highway 300Di before the sale

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Can Highway 300Di be installed into all cars?

Highway 300Di can upgrade almost any car to receive digital Radio. There will be multiple aerial solutions available to fit your cars individual needs. It is not necessary to drill any holes in the vehicle to complete installation.

Will there be any trailing cables when Highway 300Di is installed?

There will be no visible cables, however a USB extension cable will be supplied and will be fitted in a discreet, accessible location should the customer require it. The USB cable is for connecting your iPhone/iPod/iPad able or memory stick for the playback of stored audio content or for software upgrades.

What kind of aerial is supplied with Highway 300Di and how is this fitted?

Highway 300Di is supplied with an active through-glass aerial for best-in-class high performance digital radio reception. The through-glass aerial is fitted in two parts; one part is affixed inside the windscreen and the other is attached to the outside of the windscreen and is removable if the user wishes to use a car wash.

Is there an alternative to the through-glass aerial?

The through-glass aerial offers the best possible digital radio reception and is the aerial that we recommend to be used with Highway 300Di. However, if the customer prefers a different solution or has a heat reflective windscreen, a mag mount aerial can be fitted to the roof or an adhesive aerial can be fitted inside the windscreen as with the current Highway.

Does Highway 300Di work with my iPod/iPhone/iPad?

Yes. You can charge your Apple device as well as use it as a music player.

Can I playback music/audio stored on a USB memory stick?

Yes, you can connect a USB stick to Highway 300Di’s USB port and playback and control audio through its controller unit.

Will Highway 300Di work if I travel to Europe?

Highway 300Di is DAB+ and DMB-R out of the box and is compatible with all digital standards used across Europe.

Does Highway 300Di enable the pause and rewind of live digital radio?

Yes. Lengths of ReVu time will vary depending on the bitrate of the station.