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Important notes when installing your Highway 400/600 - Knowledgebase / In car radio / Highway 400/600 - PURE SUPPORT

Important notes when installing your Highway 400/600

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Test the intended positions of the receiver and wireless controller before fixing into place

The Highway antenna is designed to be installed on a window using the self-adhesive pads provided. The controller can be installed anywhere on the dashboard.
Note: It is important to ensure the antenna is installed in a safe position where the primary viewing area and airbags are not obstructed.

If you have a heated windscreen or a windscreen tint (which can contain a metalised UV film) then these features can interfere with the reception of the digital radio signal. If in doubt, please check with the vehicle manufacturer and consider placing Highway on an alternative window (e.g. rear window).  Also note that some other in-car products, such as dash-cams, may generate unwanted electrical interference that could interfere with the digital radio reception.

Can the receiver be installed so that it is hidden from view?

Yes, however this is not advised as the DAB film antenna has been designed for optimal performance when mounted on glass. Installing in the glove box or behind the dash board for example, could mean:


  •  The antenna is affected or damaged by foreign objects (e.g. metal objects) in close proximity to it.
  • Not located in the best position to receive an optimal digital radio signal


Is the detachable magnetic grounding tail necessary?

The detachable magnetic grounding tail is optional, however we recommend fitting the magnetic grounding tail if you can stick it to a metal part of your vehicle’s bodywork as it will improve DAB reception in areas with poor signal strength.

Ensure that the magnet on the end of the magnetic grounding tail makes contact with the roof above your vehicle’s headliner or the vehicle’s metal bodywork surface.

I have USB power sockets in my car, can I plug my Highway directly into those?

Yes, although we recommend using the supplied adapter as it’s been design to not interfere with DAB signals.

Can I use a different 12v car adapter to the one supplied in the box?

Unless fitting is a problem, using third party power adapters is not advised as the supplied adapter has been specially designed to not interfere with DAB signals.

Note: Pure has included its own Pure 12V adapter, which has been specially designed to help guarantee the best DAB sensitivity. It also features a second USB port for charging other devices (e.g. mobile phone) in the car.