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Instructions to re-pair the controller and antenna - Knowledgebase / In car radio / Highway 400/600 - PURE SUPPORT

Instructions to re-pair the controller and antenna

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Please note when performing this, the controller and antenna need to be within 0.5m metres of each other.  Ideally have them as close together as possible.

Remove and re-insert the Highway power adapter into the 12V accessory socket and wait 5 seconds until the Status LED on the antenna goes out.

Use a paperclip or pen to press the Reset button on the antenna. The Status LED on the receiver will start to blink slowly

Press and hold theandsimultaneously on the wireless controller for 10 seconds. All the segments on the wireless controller will briefly light up and ‘ANTENNA CONNECTING’ will be shown on the display.

The Bluetooth icon on the controller will blink while the antenna and wireless controller try to connect.