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What is a Podcast and why is it different to a radio station? - Knowledgebase / Internet radios / Using Pure Connect - PURE SUPPORT

What is a Podcast and why is it different to a radio station?

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Podcasts are similar to internet radio stations in the respect that you can tune into station-like content and hear it on your Flow radio - but that’s about where the similarity ends. What makes a podcast different is that they can be grouped into channels or into a series, and they can be subscribed to. Subscribing to a podcast allows the content to be downloaded automatically for you to listen to whenever you are ready, but not only that, you can instruct podcasts to synchronise themselves with your radio or your MP3 player (or whatever you’re playing them on) and you can be sure you’ll always have the very latest episode in the series to listen to! You’ll find podcasts in industry too where they're becoming increasingly popular methods of distributing college and university lectures, audio tours of galleries and museums as well as being used for the rebroadcast of old radio and television programs.

Pocasts can be created by anyone and be about absolutely anything! And they’re free too.

Check out the On-Demand tab in Pure Connect and you’ll find thousands to choose from. You can add podcast streams as favorite stations and if you can’t find a series that you want you can recommend it to the Pure Connect podcast team and we’ll add it for you and make sure kept it’s updated.

You’ll be podcasting before you know it.