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Jan 14 2021

Delivery to the UK

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Dear Customer!

We are sorry that the delivery service from our online store has not been up to par lately. This is unusual and not the standard that we aim to provide for our customers. The last year has been full of changes, as well as ups and downs: a global Pandemic and Brexit.

The later having more impact on our services than expected, so please let us explain.

Our state-of-the-art European logistics centre situated in the heart of Europe allows for our usually quick delivery times across different countries.

Now with the UK leaving the EU, new implications for our customers arose due to that. We are all aware that this was a choice made through a referendum.

However, we still wanted to provide the same service for our UK customers as our customers within the EU, which has proven rather complex. You might be already aware that there is no duty on orders under 135£. However, for every order above, custom authorities are billing a handling fee of 50£ to 90£. Because we do not want our customers to be billed these fees upon their order delivery, we are working hard on solutions on how to avoid this.

Unfortunately, as of now, if an order exceeds 135£ we still cannot guarantee that those fees will not be billed to our customers. 

Therefore, we have been holding back those orders and currently stopped the purchase process for new UK orders, while still working on a solution for you. As we cannot provide a fixed timeframe for a solution, we do ask for your understanding. Please accept our humble apologies, as we are doing our best to improve this process and find a solution for you. Should any additional questions arise considering your order or should you wish to receive your order despite the handling fees of UK customs, please reach out to our support team via the ticket formular. They will try to help as soon as possible. Create ticket here

With best regards and stay healthy
Your Pure Team