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Mar 23 2021

Pure branded ChargePaks

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Dear customer,

we are afraid we have to inform you that we are going to discontinue to offer Pure branded ChargePaks. The reason being that we are no longer able to guarantee a stable supply.

We understand that this might be inconvenient for you and have therefore worked with our technical team to provide a list of external suppliers that still offer appropriate and compatible ChargePacks.


There is no connection between these potential providers and Pure. The products or substitutes provided by these sites were not tested by Pure and therefore Pure should not be held liable for any claims or damages arising from services rendered, products bought or from agreements between the customer and the potential providers noted below.

These referrals are provided as a convenient reference for customers seeking a solution for a ChargePak. It remains solely the customers' responsibility to screen the provider to verify their qualifications and determine their suitability. Pure does not guarantee any services provided by the potential providers noted below.

List of potential providers: