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Instructions for using the PURE ChargePAK

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Important notes when using a Pure ChargePAK

My ChargePAK isn't charging.

A Pure ChargePAK will only take on a proper charge in a temperature range between 18 - 45 degrees C (62 - 113 F) for the battery’s own protection. To ensure a successful charge please ensure your radio is charged within these ambient temperature ranges.

Once charged the internal battery will operate normally in and outside of these temperature ranges without issue.


My ChargePAK isn't lasting very long.

There are a number of reasons this could be happening.

  1. The volume you’re running the radio at. The life of your ChargePAK will depend on how loud you have been running the radio. If it appears that your ChargePAK isn’t lasting as long as the quoted times we give, then it’s more than likely due to the volume you’re running the radio at. Our quoted times are always based on the radio running at a low volume, and due to the power requirements of our radios, and the powerful amplifiers used, the power drain on the battery ramps up very quickly as you raise the volume.

    For example, if we give figure of around 20hrs in between charges, this figure will be roughly 10 hrs (or half the original stated figure) when the radio volume is set at half. With the radio volume at anything over half volume then the figure will half again to around 5 hrs, and with the radio running at full volume you should expect no longer than 1 hr. These are rough guidelines but this principle can be applied across all ChargePAK

  2. The battery is old. Your ChargePAK battery has a finite lifespan – as all rechargeable batteries do. Under normal use the battery should last around 18 months, but after this time you may start to see a reduction in the length of time a ChargePAK will last. As the battery ages the cells start to die and the battery will not be able to take on the kind of charge it could do when it was new. Eventually the battery will take on little or no charge at all and it’s at this point you should think about replacing your ChargePAK.


Where can I purchase a ChargePAK from?

Some Pure retailers sell the ChargePAK, however if you're having difficulty obtaining a ChargePAK, check our web shop here: for availability.


Safe disposal.

At the end of the life of your ChargePAK product you should consider a safe and environmentally friendly method of disposal. The ChargePAK is a battery pack and you are able to dispose of it at your local recycling centre. If you don’t know where your local recycling centre is then contact your local council authority who should be able to advise.